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Monday, May 27, 2013

New squidoo on supplementation

I just wrote a squidoo lens here at: Put simply try to get your nutrients from your food but in case you have health issues you may need to supplement. Also get advice from a qualified health practitioner (preferably functional medicine or naturopathic doctor), avoid fillers in supplements and take as few as needed. Also supplement with bone broth, and organ meats as they help with overall health as well as adrenal health as well.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Just wrote an article about High Intensity Training

I have been doing High Intensity training for a few years and I have included lots of good resources and books to help as well. Check it out at:

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Latest squidoo lens

I just wrote this: It is largely inspired by a blog post and video by I havne't been writing as much as I have been but have been meaning to get back on the writing wagon that is.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Need help with your mthfr/methylation defects?

Treating and dealing with MTHFR defects, methylation and related genetic issues can be difficult, especially without help. If you need help you can find a practitioner here: If you need to get testing done, I would highly recommend a 23andme test (only 100 dollars for a genetic profile test) which can be found here: Once you get results you can get it analyzed deciphered by contacting Sterling Hill the administrator for MTHFR support, her email is: (it will cost about 50 bucks though but worth it). If you want a free analysis (though not as thorough as contacting Sterling Hill), you can go to to find out how with your 23andme raw data. Amy Yasko's website is an awesome website on methylation and autism and can be found at: Another great MTHFR/methylation resource is Dr Ben Lynch's website at: The final resource im going to mention is insight naturopathy at: All of these websites have a ton of free information although if you decide to do consults it may cost you some.

Need help finding a competent doctor/physician?

Finding a good doctor/phyisican can be a difficult and long process but it doesn't have to be. I was suffering from several health issues before I found my current doctor, I went to about 4-5 doctors/specialists before I found the one I go to now. To find a paleo minded doctor you can use this link to find one in your area/state: You can also look for a functional medicine practitioner here: If you think you may have a methylation or mthfr issue, you can find a doctor that treats those issues here:

Friday, May 10, 2013

My paleo redux social media outlets

So I wanted to mention some of my other social media outlets for paleo redux, since I don't have it linked on the blog. My facebook page is at: My twitter is at: My youtube is at: I plan on updating those as often as I can, right now I don't have a quality webcam to broadcast videos but I am working on it. My facebook and twitter page I update with all my ezine articles and Squidoo Lenses as well. My squidoo lens is at: Also my ezine articles can be found at:

My top three health professionals are....

Chris Kresser, Matt Stone and Mark Sisson, I consider these to be the top people in the field of paleo dieting, nutrition, health and so forth. I first found out about the paleo diet from the 21 convention which has an awesome blog, website and videos, but the first paleo book I read was Mark Sisson's. He has a great sense of humor (as does Chris Kresser), and can explain things with relative ease. He is also a former athlete as well. Chris Kresser is who in a round about way how I found out about my current health situation, and he does a bi weekly podcast which is awesome. Chris is an open minded health investigator who uses functional medicine to fix or cure a lot of complex health problems. Most people that go on a paleo diet see great results but there is a minority that don't do so well. I don't agree with everything he does, such as some of his supplement lines for methylation, but he is the closest thing we have now to a real life "Dr. House". His ideas on a paleo template diet and having a more open minded diet and lifestyle I have really tried to embrace, especially dealing with my own health issues. Then there is Matt Stone, who is a tad controversial (and not the one that created South Park), but is very smart and open minded, in fact through his book recommendations helped me find out about sub clinical hypothyroidism as well. There are a lot of people in the paleo community that I like a lot as well, such as Rob Wolff particularly, I don't know much about him as I do others though. The 21 convention is where I first found out about all this and it has changed my life for the better.