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Saturday, September 15, 2012


This is a blog im starting to mainly focus on health, especially my health. I may in the future develop this blog into something more, a book or ebook but right now Im keeping it focused on me, what I've learned, experienced, etc. My health has been a major focus of my life for the past few years. Within the past few years I've spent quite a lot of money, time, effort to try and fix things and also make sense of what I am going through. For me I started to develop problems sometime in 2009. 2009 was a hectic and crazy year, I had lost a lot of weight, got to my lowest weight I have been since high school (240), started a business with Amway but also lost a close friend I had known since high school. As time went on though things started to deteriorate, I had some troubles with some personal relationships I had, I decided to quit doing Amway and the stresses of my job also started to affect me. As I started to go on a semi paleo diet and go to a full on paleo diet, It got harder to think, concentrate, I would get fatigued a lot easier, sleep a lot more. As time went on I even gained back weight I had lost plus more. For a long time I blamed not only myself and others but also the diet. I came to a few breaking points and even had a few minor mental breakdowns. I thought I was for a time losing my mind but it had more to do with health issues I had developed. I don't think the paleo diet is bad but think that often times it needs to be adjusted to the individual and a more relaxed and open approach to the diet is better. For a long time I didn't get much help or didn't even know where to look or what I Was dealing with. I had little point of reference for what I was dealing with it was traumatic in a lot of ways. Only within the past year or so after going to about 5-6 doctors, have I found someone that can help. Anyways, I will update as often as I can, I've started a few blogs and websites before but this one I am really passionate and invested in.

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