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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Need help with your mthfr/methylation defects?

Treating and dealing with MTHFR defects, methylation and related genetic issues can be difficult, especially without help. If you need help you can find a practitioner here: If you need to get testing done, I would highly recommend a 23andme test (only 100 dollars for a genetic profile test) which can be found here: Once you get results you can get it analyzed deciphered by contacting Sterling Hill the administrator for MTHFR support, her email is: (it will cost about 50 bucks though but worth it). If you want a free analysis (though not as thorough as contacting Sterling Hill), you can go to to find out how with your 23andme raw data. Amy Yasko's website is an awesome website on methylation and autism and can be found at: Another great MTHFR/methylation resource is Dr Ben Lynch's website at: The final resource im going to mention is insight naturopathy at: All of these websites have a ton of free information although if you decide to do consults it may cost you some.

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